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We’re are the leading online employment marketplace in Malaysia, bringing progressive guarantee jobs throughout this counntry. Today we serve over 89,90,000 employers and over 3.6 million candidates. As your Malaysia’s best talent sourcing partner, we have brought many of Malaysia’s firsts to you such as Richer Job Ad and Company Profile, salary matching. We provide you with a total talent sourcing solution services, helping you fulfil your recruitment needs.

Our vision is to be your best talent sourcing partner. We demonstrate our commitment to you in 3 strong promises. We innovate via our continual investment in product development and brand technology to deliver innovative solutions. We lead as the market leader with a proven track record serving the local marketplace. We care because we aspire to be your trusted advisor.

Find your next great hire

Southmaxgroup have the hardwares and applications to host an online system to source talents and manage candidates, all within one platform via integrated sourcing and collaborative screening. Southmaxgroup Integrated sourcing gives you faster access to candidates and help build a large pool of talent easily. Now, when you post a job ad you don’t have to wait for applicants to begin talent screening in Malaysia. You will immediately be able to get talent recommendations from the southmaxgroup.com database based on your requirements so you can hire easily.

The new collaborative screening feature help streamline and speed up the talent screening process. All stakeholders, from HR to hiring managers can now have visibility of the screening process via multi-party access to candidate information. Southmaxgroup.com is a game-changing next generation platform, a total talent solution for the new era of HR.

Job site that you need in Malaysia

No matter how big your Human Resources budget is or how many days you want a job advertisement to run, Southmaxgroup.com will assist you each step of the way. Our platform makes use of embedded enterprise records to make sure you create Richer Job Ads. We ease your search for employees online by giving you greater staffing capabilities with resources like candidate filtering functions, interview invites options, and many more.

Southmax’s integrated sourcing is a progressive sourcing method, specifically recommended for difficult recruitment situations. Integrated sourcing helps you build a talent pool instantaneously and efficiently. The optimal way to attract great talent is through posting job placement advertisements which are rich and compelling, supplying the best value for employers and candidates alike. As soon as a job ad is released, the system will immediately suggest relevant candidates for you to perform talent search. Get started with the leading job site in Malaysia.

Meet your staffing needs easily

The role of Human Resources in acquiring new personnel has evolved to become more engaging and collaborative. With the increasing competition for more relevant and qualified candidates, the job marketplace today faces intense challenges.

The need for an effective employment recruitment process is more crucial than ever, it calls for the utilisation of the right tools and strategies. The key to tackling demanding staffing situations, which includes urgent hiring is building a huge talent pool. Our total talent sourcing solution coupled with great local service and insights have the right answers to help fulfil your broad spectrum of placement requirements.

Attract the most relevant candidates through our features that include Richer Job Ads, Employer Branding and Talent Search. Manage all your candidates’ applications and shortlisted profiles effectively with Southmaxgroup.com. Our user-friendly interface with intuitive filtering feature allows you to search for relevant candidates instantly. Your searches are even customisable so you can accelerate the shortlisting and selection making process.

We continue to innovate to find the best solution to fulfil your hiring needs. Fuel your hiring efforts with Southmax today!