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Q: Can overseas (out-side Malaysia) employer apply for foreign domestic housemaid?
A: Only Malaysians, permanent residents or expatriates are allowed to apply and employ foreign domestic maid.
Q: How to apply for a new foreign domestic housemaid?
A: According to the Immigration Department requirement :-
1. Both husband and wife or single parent should be presently under employment.
2. Husband and wife or single parent total annual income should be RM36,000 and above for applying domestic maid from Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Whereas for applying maid from Philippines, the total income should be RM60,000 and above.
3. Having young child / children to be taken care.
4. Having elderly /disabled / sick old parents to be taken care.
Q: What are the documents required for applying foreign domestic housemaid?
A: The required documents are as follows :-
1. Husband and wife or single parent Form B/BE & Income Tax payment slips.
2. Husband and wife or single parent original employment letter (written in Bahasa Malaysia) stating position held and monthly salary.
3. Husband and wife or single parent latest three (03) months salary payment slips.
4. Husband and wife or single parent NRIC photocopy.
5. Husband and wife or single parent passport size photograph two (02) pieces each.
6. Marriage certificate photocopy.
7. Child / children (below 15 years old) birth certificate photocopy.
8. Letter of certification from doctor for old folk (sick family member / paralysis patient).
Q: How long is the foreign domestic housemaid employment contract period?
A: Two (02) years.
Q: What are the duties and responsibilities of employer?
A: As below:-
1. Maid shall be provided with proper and reasonable accommodation and basic amenities.
2. Maid shall be provided with reasonable and sufficient daily meals.
3. Maid is not allowed to work or to be engaged in any activities other than household duties.
4. Maid shall be protected and or covered with foreign worker compensation Scheme.
5. Employer shall at all times respect and pay due regard to the sensitivity of religious beliefs of the maid.
6. Employer shall follow all the terms and conditions of maid employment contract signed with the Malaysian Immigration Department.
7. Employer shall not abuse or ill-treat the maid.
8. Monthly salary shall be paid promptly and accordingly to the maid. Employer shall not deduct any salary of the maid for any reason and or compensation towards broken and damages of household belongings.
9. Employer shall obtained the concern from the agency before sending the maid back to country of origin.